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Hundreds of exhibits with health, fitness, sports
and fan gear at the marketplace!


World Wing Eating Championship Native Final-600

Joey Chestnut_117-300

2:00 to 4:00 – Stop by the Native Grill & Wings stage, enjoy a cold one and some Native wings as you witness Celebrity Joseph “Jaws” Chestnut, ranked first in the world by Major League Eating, along with nine other high ranking professionals, go for another wing eating title.


ROUND ONE: Amateurs from around Arizona will compete. It could be you!

ROUND TWO: Police Officers vs. Firefighters

ROUND THREE: The best men and women eaters in the Country

  • Joey “Jaws” Chestnut, #1, San Jose, CA
  • Miki Sudo, #4, Las Vegas, NV
  • Erik “The Red” Denmark, #6, Seattle, WA
  • Adrian “The Rabbit” Morgan, #7, New Orleans, LA
  • Michelle “Cardboard Shell” Lesco, #8, Tucson, AZ
  • Brian “Dud Light” Dudzinski, #11, Phoenix, AZ
  • Badlands Booker, #13, Selden, NY
  • Steve Hendry, #14, Dixon, CA
  • Josh “No Filler” Miller, #28, Aurora, CO
  • Mary “I Like Em Hot” Bowers, #35, Dana Point, CA





cheerleaders-300cheerleaders2-300HowlerStrykerWilbur and Wilma
ThunderOliver OtterBig RedScorchGekko
SparkyGorillaFast Med

Meet current and alumni players, get autographs and photos.

AZ Sports Fan Expo 2014AZ Sports Fan Expo 2014autograph-stage-300

celebrity-interviews-300COME TO THE CELEBRITY STAGE
Throughout the day you will be able to hear info
rmative presentations, see fun interviews and watch interesting demonstrations by sports personalities, players and health and fitness experts.

red-checkmark-smaller-15x15 Meet Land Speed Racing Champion Valerie Thompson
Valerie is a Seven-time motorcycle land speed record holder who earned her Red Hat with a 208 mph run to become one of the newest members of the Bonneville 200 MPH Club. She is the owner/driver of the Valerie Thompson Land Speed Racing Motorcycle Team who has also competed in the All Harley Drag Racing Association and National Hot Rod Association drag racing series. She set a personal best top speed of 212 mph on her CTEK sponsored BMW S 1000 RR during the March 2013 Texas Mile competition. Thompson is an official member of the BUB Speed Trials 201 MPH Club, Mojave Magnum 200 MPH Club, Texas Mile 200 MPH Club, ECTA 200 MPH Club and a lifetime member of the prestigious Bonneville 200 MPH Club.

valerie-thompson-600 BUB-2013-Scooter-Grubb-600 Valerie Thompson & Red Hat-262 ValerieThompson-350

red-checkmark-smaller-15x15 Grose and Crespin will broadcast AZ Sports Tal
k Saturday live for 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
At 11:00 am – 1:00 pm they will be joined by Roc and Manuch.

azsportstalk-logo-200 azsportstalk-200 5756320 2171561

Check out their super cool Fanatics Express available for your next party

red-checkmark-smaller-15x15 Steve DuebelStar Worldside Networks
Have a chat with popular radio personality, community leader and owner of Star Worldwide Networks, Dave Pratt, The Morning Mayor, and meet the host of Image Home Improvement, Steve Duebel, who will be broadcasting live from the expo.

dave-pratt-100 star-worldwide-networks-250

Attend interactive sports clinics, coaching sessions and games.

red-checkmark-smaller-15x15 Darryl Clack and Sport Metric presents the DC 42 Skills and Drills Used By the Prosdarryl-clack-200


Darryl Clack, Dallas Cowboys running back and ASU Football MVP will put you through the paces in this NFL Style mini-football camp. Darryl is the President of Sport Metric, founded on the belief that student athletes should devote attention to three key areas of their development: Academic, Community and Athletic. His football career is filled with honors starting from high school in Colorado where he was All-State, Prep All American and Prep Athlete of the Year. At ASU he became the first freshman to lead the team in rushing in 30 years, Won All PAC 10 honors and was named football MVP. Drafted in the second round by the Dallas Cowboys he played for four years. He is a pro on and off the field.


red-checkmark-smaller-15x15 DNG_0364-smallerCarolyn’s Gold Medal Basketball Fundamentals Clinic
This Former Stanford and WNBA Basketball player will instruct you on the fundamentals of footwork, dribbling, boxing out, offensive and defensive positioning, timing and team as well as individual tactics. Carolyn is USA Basketball Gold Medal Jr. Olympics, Brazil Championship. FIBA/WNBA Pro player.

Fit For Living Life Yoga Class With Carolyn Mooscarolyn-moos-kids-300
Bring your yoga mat and join former WNBA player, USA Basketball Gold Medalist and founder of Fit For Living Life, Carolyn Moos for a one hour yoga session for all ages and stages. Carolyn is an ACE Certified Personal trainer with CEC’s in the following areas: Nutrition for Young Athletes, Yoga Fit for Kids, Nutrition Strategies Fitness/Performance, Movement by Design, Golf Conditioning Specialist Course, Functional Foods, Part 2: Fermented Foods and Carolyn MoosMacronutrients Course, Maternal & Infant Nutrition Course, Yoga-Pilates-Enlighten Your Body. Learn more about Carolyn at

red-checkmark-smaller-15x15 Nutrition to Fuel the Athlete in You
Carolyn Moos is not only a star athlete, this 6’5 beauty holds a B.A from Stanford University and a Masters from USC and is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant. She will focus on strategic menu planning for your specific goals–to gain lean muscle, lean out, perform better, or for better overall health. Glycemic index, macronutrient profiling, meal timing and planning/preparation will be addressed.

red-checkmark-smaller-15x15 handle-fitness1-275Handle Fitnesshandle-fitness2-275
Handle Fitness is a first of its kind motion-based basketball video game that requires you to use a real basketball to play. The Kinect™ tracks every move of your body and every bounce of the ball as you dribble to the beat of the soundtrack to progress.

red-checkmark-smaller-15x15 Arizona Youth Soccer Associationarizona-youth-soccer
Arizona Youth Soccer Association is pleased to provide an interactive youth soccer clinic at the Arizona Sports Fan Expo (Date/Time TBD). The clinic will be for children 5-14 years of age and will focus on the basics of how to play soccer (Soccer balls and equipment will be provided. Soccer attire is not required to participate).

arizona-youth-soccer-league2-200 The clinic will be led by Arizona Youth Soccer Association Technical Director, Austin Daniels. Austin also serves as an assistant coach on the USL PRO Arizona United staff. Daniels has a USSF “A” License and has been involved with coaching soccer at a high level for over 30 years.

Children participating will be instructed on soccer basics to include: Dribbling, Passing, Trapping and many other important techniques of playing soccer.arizona-youth-soccer-league3-200

About Arizona Youth Soccer Association:
Arizona Youth Soccer Association (AYSA) is a 501c(3) non-profit association. AYSA is the official youth soccer association of the United States Soccer Federation and United States Youth Soccer. AYSA represents 81 Member Leagues and Clubs comprising membership of more than 39,800 registered players, coaches, referees and league administrators. Servicing the entire state, AYSA provides recreational and competitive opportunities for players of all ages, genders and skill levels. For more information, please visit –

red-checkmark-smaller-15x15 MLB Umpire Secrets from Pros Gary Darling and Chris Hodel – Demonstration and Fan Participation
Gary Darling
Meet Gary Darling Crew Chief #37 World Series Umpire

A 27 year Major League Professional. Gary worked the All-Star Game (1993, 2003), the 2012 A.L. Wild Card Game, Division Series (1995, 97, 98, 2002-03, 05, 07-08, 10, 13), League Championship Series (1992, 2004, 06, 11-12), and the World Series (2003, 2010)…previously worked in the Northwest League (1980), California League (1981), Texas League (1982), and Pacific Coast League (1983-87). Gary played baseball through Junior College…works as a realtor in the off-season…serves as president of the board of Umps Care Charities (, an organization established by the Major League Umpires to provide financial, in-kind and emotional support for youth and families in need.

red-checkmark-smaller-15x15 Mixed Martial Arts Master Paul McGowen – Chandler MMA
Watch team demonstrations then join in a class. Master McGowen will be on hand for Q & A after.

Alexis Hodel

red-checkmark-smaller-15x15 Learn Irish Dance with World Class Dance Alexis Hodel
Enjoy the beauty and excitement of an Irish Dance performance then join in and try it out. Alexis Hodel is a certified T.C.R.G. Irish Dance instructor at the Bracken School of Irish Dance. She is a 4-Time Solo Qualifier of Irish Dance World Championship, Member of 8-Hand (4 men and women) Ceile Irish Dance Team (Positioned 6th in World), Placed in the top 20 Irish Dancers in North American Championships, a 2009 Arizona Colleen and Arizona Rose and an alumni of Arizona State University.

Enter into the AZ SciTech Science of Sports Pavilion and help discover the greatest mysteries and myths behind sports and sports performance.

Arizona SciTech Festival’s STEM & INNOVATION Wonders: Arizona SciTech Festival Team
Find out where hundreds of science, technology, engineering, math and innovation activities can be found in Arizona, try out activities such as their Gum and Chocolate Experiment, or the Alloy Metal activity with Memory Wire.
Ask the Ump…Did you know that the field stances of an Umpire can be critical to making the right calls? The effect on the body from the proper or improper stance can affect the outcome of a situation or a game. Meet Gary Darling, Major League Umpire and president, Umps Care Charities.

The Pitching Tunnels
Ask the Pitcher…Pitching Tunnels encompass all the necessary throwing lanes to home plate and provides a highly visual pathway to Home Plate as well. Come try out your pitching or throwing arm! What is the science behind pitching?

Champions of Dance – “Dance Movement & Meaning”…The Bracken School of Irish Dance: Alexis Hodel & The Bracken School Irish Dancers
Ask the Champion…What does it take to be the best…to make it to the World Championships? Find out how the Champs prepare to reach the top.

Ask the Master of Martial Arts: Master Paul McGowan, Chandler MMA
Learn about the science of Martial Arts and how the body can be trained to possess powerful self-defense tools. These tools are not just physical but psychological and are used to help develop strong life skills at work, school and in friendships.

Ask the Sports Doc – Matthew Colby, D.C., M.U.A.C., Arizona BioMechanics
Learn about the tactics of sports medicine, physical rehab, mobility, functional strength, sport science and more. Learn how to hurdle physical dysfunctions that are limiting you in sport or life and the science behind the best rehab techniques available.

Fun Math at the Ballpark: Allison Boley:
Push your baseball experience to the next level with an app full of fun questions and activities that brings math alive through the game going on around you and your children. With 50 questions per grade level (K-6), Fun Math at the Ballpark engages children who love baseball as well as those who are bored at the ballpark. Stop by the Arizona SciTech Festival’s Science of Sports Pavilion booth to demo the app and to learn how a baseball keeps its shape even when its hit.

Sports Medicine Tips: Cactus Foundation

The Myths and Science of Golf: Melissa Rose, Biz in a Boxx
What are the marketing and business myths behind the sport of Golf? Prepare to be surprised as Melissa Rose uncovers the “real story” about interesting and widely accepted golf “myths” and shares the real “facts!”

Penny Pulz , two time LPGA Champion and ranked a top ten Golfer in the world will present on the Celebrity Stage:

Putting and Focus, a Perfect Pairing

  • Learn how to get in ‘the zone’ when it matters, you WIN!
  • Putting drills that keep your thinking on track so YOU sink more putts!
  • Channel your adrenaline rush so YOU sink more putts!
  • Stay cool under the pressure of competition so YOU sink more putts!

PPulz_headshot_winshot_websitePenny Pulz
Focus Expert: Coach, Author, Speaker
“Winning and losing is ultimately how we focus, not what we focus on.”

Penny Pulz has always been a thinker. Her naturally inquisitive mind, coupled with great ability to develop ideas and solutions, has enabled her to overcome huge personal and professional obstacles that would have defeated many. From how to become a winning TV talent to a leading LPGA golfer, Penny appreciates the value to ‘see the simple, clearly’, a formula that has consistently delivered for her and now is the cornerstone of her highly successful focus coaching practice for athletes and business.

clinics-300Penny is a two-time LPGA Champion and ranked a Top 10 Golfer in the World with an accomplished 18-year LPGA playing career and a successful coaching career. Penny is also a successful business owner and visionary who has spent years researching the root causes of physical and emotional performance failures due to an individual’s inability to focus when it counts; teaching how to manage, adapt, and sustain peak performance thinking achieving athletic and business goals.

More specifically, Penny is a national thought leader in teaching athletes how to manage their thinking to switch their focus in the moment sustaining peak performance thinking to deal with the volatile and competitive world of sport where momentum changes in an instant.

LPGA Tour Career

  • Completed 18 years as professional tournament player
  • Ranked #10 in the world
  • Ranked #1 PING Female golfer in the world
  • 2 LPGA Championships
  • Competed in over 600 tournaments, nationally and internationally
  • Competed as an armature and professional golfer in native Australia

tracy-berman-260Tracy Berman, Class A Teaching Professional
Las Sendas Golf Course, Mesa AZ

Tracy has been a member of the LPGA Teaching Professional Division since 2005. She teaches all levels of golfers which include men, women and juniors.

Tracy’s Teaching Goal:
That the student will gain the enjoyment and learning performance they desire to reach their goals. My goals are simple – if you are starting out, I help make the experience easy and fun and if you are refining your game, I don’t try and re-invent you, but refine you and your game. I promote and maintain the true spirit of the game of golf to all levels of golfers. My approach to instruction is to put golfers – like you – first

American Auction Co.DNG_0247-smallerSecond Annual, Arizona Sports Fan Expo Auction. Conducted by American Auction Company, Phoenix.
American Auction Company is returning. Enjoy the excitement of an auction while bidding on your favorite sports memorabilia. Prices begin at $10, don’t miss this fun opportunity to bid on limited edition, unique, and highly collectible memorabilia.
Registration and Item Preview 9:00 am – 11:00 am
Auction Saturday April 18 Time 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
For complete terms and conditions of the Sale, please visit

Outdoor Adventure Fan Center Promo Flyer-300

Download Flyer

Outdoor sports and recreation enthusiasts will find exciting interactive experiences here. Meet survival and self-reliance experts, industry celebrities and popular personalities of the outdoor sports world while you shop for supplies, gear and training for biking, rafting, rock climbing, scuba, hunting, fishing, camping and more.


Todd Jostes, Founder and Instructor for the National Academy of Self-Reliance intodd-jostes-281 Scottsdale will demonstrate useful and lifesaving techniques for handling medical emergencies when outdoors and help is not close at hand.and Instructor for the National Academy of Self-Reliance in Scottsdale, Arizona

Todd was born and raised in Chicago, where he was exposed to an extremely adventurous and outdoorsy lifestyle from his father, Ron, who was one of eight boys raised on a working farm in Indiana. Todd’s grandfather was a fire chief and his grandma was a self-reliant pro! He spent his childhood learning farming, hunting, fishing and also grew a huge passion for the fire service and helping people.

His love of the Fire Department and Emergency Medicine took him to a career with both Fire and Emergency Services, where he worked for the Scottsdale Fire, Southwest Ambulance and Eagle Rescue. Todd became actively involved in technical rock climbing, primitive living skills courses and mixed martial arts. Always continuing his extreme love for the outdoors, he kept furthering his knowledge by taking classes and courses from trapping and tracking to advanced friction fire to primitive pottery. Todd is a staff instructor for Backtracks, one of the top skills gatherings in the country and in 2014, he founded the National Academy of Self-Reliance and focuses on teaching true hands-on training courses all over the country.

todd jostes 1-300todd jostes 2-300



Have a beer and win some awesome prizes. More details to come.

FIT Lounge


Stop by to relax and recharge your electronics. Visit with the FOX SPORTS GIRLS and tweet with local celebrities and fans.


And much more to see and do…

“From the moment my son and I walked in he was in awe of the entire scene. He met his first Denver Broncos’ player and all the mascots including his favorite, Sparky. Everyone was so nice to him and the way they catered to the kids was fantastic. They did have some adult booths and such but seeing how much fun and excitement was flowing through my son. Made me a very happy dad! We’re coming back every year!”

“We had a great time taking photos with all the mascots and getting signed photos from the Rattlers cheerleaders and Bud Light calendar girls. It was fun to play the interactive games and visit the wide variety of exhibitors. Great family event!”

“It was awesome to be at a place where all Arizona teams were under one roof.”

“I had a great time checking out all the exhibits. My whole family loved it from the smallest child to the oldest adult. There were things there for all ages. I look forward to next year being bigger and better.”

“Very fun event for all sports fans alike! The mascots kept us entertained and we learned about local Arizona sports that we may not have known otherwise.”

“Liked the tour of the University of Phoenix Stadium and I liked that the University of Arizona Athletic Department was in attendance as an exhibit for this event.”

“We had an awesome day at the Arizona Sports Fan Expo with our 3 grandchildren. Looking forward to next year!”

“I love the idea of this expo. The stadium tour was definitely the highlight of the experience. Thank you for organizing this event and I look forward to next year’s event!”

“Several of the former players would stop and talk to my daughter, she had a blast getting her picture taken with the mascots,cheerleaders, and the bud girls.”

“It was definitely a one-of-a-kind event for sports fans. It was nice to be able to get so much information from all AZ sports teams at one place and the cooking demonstration was also very informative.”

“Great to see all the AZ sports teams represented. Good for fans of more than one AZ sport team.”

“It was great. My two sons had an amazing time and loved every minute of it. They didn’t want to leave.”


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